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Story May 20, 2010

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Once upon a time,,,,,,,,,

There were two frogs living in two different places in Japan. The first frog lived in a moat of Osaka city. While the second frog lived at a small river in Kyoto city. But, they had same want. Osaka Frog wanted to go to Kyoto, while Kyoto frog wanted to go to Osaka.

In the spring morning, both frogs started to go to each destination. They passed the road that connected Osaka with Kyoto. In the middle trip, they had to climb a high mountain. When they arrived to mountain peak, they met each other. Then, both frogs talked and told the reason of their meeting.

“Poor us! We have small body, right??” said Osaka frog. “If we have big body, we can see both cities from here.”

“We can do it by standing with our back foots, and we hold each other so we can see both cities,” replied Kyoto frog.

Then, they woke up. They tightened their body and hold each other. So they would not fall. Kyoto frog targeted its nose to Osaka city, while Osaka frog targeted its nose to Kyoto city. But they forgot that their big eyes were on back part of head. Although their noses targeted to the destination, but their eyes saw to each origin cities.

“Oh my God!!” the Osaka frog was surprised. “Kyoto is same with Osaka. My trip is in vain. I will go back.”

Kyoto frog also felt disappointed, “If I know earlier that Osaka is the imitation of Kyoto, I would not go.”

After that, both frogs decided to go home and said good bye. It was funny, until the end of their lifes , they still believed that Osaka and Kyoto were two same cities.

Source: BOBO magazine


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