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Description about Internet May 20, 2010

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Ancient and modern have two meanings that contrast each other. Times do not stop to rotate, so year increases. This more modern era, there are some terrific technology. Starting from its colour, form, and function. They make us to spend our money and then use it to buy those things.

As human, we want to know about everything around us. So, we need all of information about them. Where can you get that information? You can get it from a lot of sources, like magazine, newspaper, television, someone, radio, or the other media. From the sources, Internet is a source that give perfect information quickly.

In this globalization era, Internet has been used by all of age. What is Internet? Internet is global network among computers to communicate from one location to other location in the world. For adult that can’t use Internet facility, they can be called out of date. More over, there are some instances that announce the job vacancy and accept the work application by using Internet.

Generally, the function of internet : supply the network medium that has standard and define the network procedure so the information can exchange each other.

With the intensity of the internet, it can make contravention in the society because now there are many children and adolescents that abuse Internet, so it give bad effect for them. Therefore, in this writing, is hoped that everyone can get more knowledges about the Internet and know the goodness and weakness of the Internet.

If someone do not have computer to access internet, he/she can come to a small shop, that is Internet Small Shop or in Indonesian it is called “warnet (warung internet)” There are many computers there to access internet, and everyone can use it, but they must pay every hour. Usually, the tariff is four thousands until six thousands rupiahs per hour. Now, every one from village until town can try Internet service, and enjoy the benefit. There, they also can print the text, and usually we pay one thousand rupiahs per sheet if it uses black and white colour. If it uses different colour, we can spend our money from one thousand and five hundreds rupiahs until two thousands rupiahs.

Everything in this world have positive side and negative side. And also with Internet that have those sides too. There are two opinions about Internet, Internet as Threat and Internet as Point Plus. Internet as Threat can be called negative side of Internet. Internet as Point Plus can be called positive side of Internet. We will forget with the negative side because we are very enjoyed the Internet. We can’t throw away the negative side of Internet, and always pay attention with the positive effect, because it can damage our selves.

Some adventages of Internet are :

1.        Information Source

With Internet, science world more open for us, information spreading is faster, all of information can be got easily.

2.       Shopping Online

Shopping and buying something, it may be done in Internet because there are many webpages that is directed to this activity. We can choose the product or service that is available and pay it by on-line via credit card and next day, the product or service can come in front of our house door.

3.       News

Now, we don’t need time to wait until next morning to read the news, there are many webpages that supply world up-to-date news and they are always replaced base on news development. The news on webpages can be called complete, from sport news, politic, economy, weather, and the other news. That interested sites like:
http://www.kompas.com, is Official website from Jawa Pos newspaper.
SPN Sportszone (http://espn.sportszone.com) that supply sport news in the world.

4.       Library

Besides that, Internet also supplies Library Online facility from Websites collection from world library. In this site, we can get books that can be read online or offline (after we download it) free of cost, the books from encyclopaedia, novel, etc. One example of website is (http://perpustakan-online.blogspot.com).

5.       Education

One website in Internet that can help us to develop our science and education is website that special on Education Information. Either one website is www.apasich.com. This website is local contain and include all of information, data and statistic that is needed in Science and Education development in our country.

In the education world, Internet can help the student to access all of information, science and sharing research among students, especially with student that have far house.

The students can also finish their homework quickly with Internet, the teachers sometimes use e-mail to collect that homework, so the students do not wait the next day to collect that homework in the class, but they can send it directly to the teacher’s e-mail address after they finish the homework.

6.       Entertainment

With Internet, adult can get interesting entertainment like looking for friends. Now, there are some websites that is liked by adult to intercourse for example Mig33, Facebook or Friendster. With these websites, adult can find more friends from the same city, the same country or from the other countries in the world.

Besides finding friends, user can also enjoyed online games, so user especially for children like stay at home and play online games, than they must go out.

Generally, there are many advantages that is got if someone have Internet access. 1.  Information for individual life: health, recreation, hobby, individual development, spiritual, social. 2. Information for professional life: science, technology, trading, share, commodity, business news, profession association, business association, some communication forum.

To increase the quality of human resources in Indonesian, the Indonesian professional uses internet network and become part of world information society.

Definitely, cannot be ignored that Internet technology gives the negative effect that does not lose with its benefits. The internet makes the crime using the computer media in an online manner with the risk be comprehended that is very small by the individual and the group with as a result of the bigger loss is good for the community and the country besides causing new crimes. The other effects are :

  1. Internet can create the lazy children to be active like the other children that are always active. The intensity of internet make the child always sits in front of his computer without disturbance. The child’s health can decrease too, because he is not active or does not move his body.
  1. Now, there are many international standard school and their students must bring their own laptop as studying medium in the school. But, there are many students that abuse their laptop. Sometimes, if the teacher is explaining the lesson in front of the class, the students don not pay attention their teacher, but they play internet freely because their teacher seldom investigate. It can be a bad habit for them.
  1. The ease of internet access facilities everyone to look for a lot of information that is wanted, and the information is got easily. It is not amazed if there are people that interest to open the sites that smell pornography, specially for adolescent because adolescent period is puberty period and they want to know more about everything. And perhaps, they can practice the bad information.
  1. With internet, someone can do theft. For example, a hacker can enter the “perbankan” network system to steal the customer information in the server about base data of the bank bill, because with network e-banking can be said opened and can be access by everyone. Although data theft that is done can not be proofed because there is not data that is lost but can be known it is accessed illegally from system that is walked.
  1. The children that play in the illusion world any time can give bad effect. The child will lack socialization with environment directly, but he/she only socializes in thee illusion world. It can be called “low intercourse”. Because of it, perhaps, he/she does not get more friends in the real world.
  1. The number of violence case to the child in our country increases. Moreover, from the violence cases is in worried standard. Not only in the real world, the violences are also from the illusion world (internet).
  1. Someone as an internet addict wants to access internet any time. This is very dangerous if the addict is a student, because it can disturb their studying time. For example, at six a.m. is time to study, but because he/she plays internet, he/she can study at 7 a.m., so the studying time for an hours is thrown away. If it happens again, the bad effect that happen is the student does not have studying time, but it is changed become time to internet accessing.
  1. With internet, someone can damage the good name from the other person. For example, someone has an artist photo that wear respectful cloth, but because he/she hate the artist, he/she changes the photo as if the artist does not wear cloth. The other internet user that find that photo considers that it is original photo, so they are not sympathetic again with the artist because she is brave to show the photo that smell pornography to internet user in the world, whereas the photo have been changed by the other person.
  1. Internet also threaten our health like damage our eyes, the muscles become tight, back, foot, hand, wrist, and waist become painful. These are caused because we are in front of computer in a long time.
  1. Life pattern becomes more individualistic. Now, people feel prestige if they do not access internet, whereas they do not need the information. Because exploring internet is very interesting, people like play game or do the chatting that spend much money, only to look for fun.
  1. Increasing the consumerism. People do online shopping with internet.

If they often access internet and visit commercial webs, so there are a lot of things that can be saw and then they interest to buy it. With credit card, all become easier and this is potent combination to scatter much money.

12.       The monitor radiation. Eye is the easiest body organ that can experience illness from work, because it always focus the eyeball to the monitor. The monitor screen appearance that is bright with hot colour like red, yellow, purple, orange will increase the fatigue to the eyes. Besides it, the light reflection on the monitor screen that come from the other source like window, lamp and the others, will increase the eye burden. The office illumination can cause the eye burden. Based on the result of the research, 77% the user of monitor screen will experience the complaint to the eye, from stiff and painful feeling to the eyes, red eye, the eyes are juicy, until the irritation of the eyes, and also eyes cataracts.

Prevention is better than curing. If internet has negative effect, so we must do preventions in order we do not enter in the effect.

1.                 From the first case, we can look for a lot of knowledges from internet, but we do not avoid from the real world that give us knowledge too. Socialization with environment is important. With it, we can know a lot of people, specially because we are social creature that always need the other person to pass this life.

2.       From the second case, actually, a teacher teaches and explains the lesson to the student. But attention to the student is also needed in order to the teacher can know the characteristic of each student and can investigate the student’s behaviour. If a student does a wrong behaviour, it is better if the teacher advices so the student does not do it again, because a teacher also become parent of the student in the school.

3.       The third case, puberty period is period that need high attention and investigation from the closer person specially from parent. With attention and guidance, we can lead them to the right way.

4.       From the forth case, this case is hard to do the prevention, because the thief is difficult to be detection. We only can give more security. So, the government must anticipate the technology criminal, and prepare the apparatus of police that finish the cyber crime or the criminal in the illusion world. The polices are also upgraded, so they can face the technology criminal.

5.       The fifth case, a child that has low intercourse arouses inferior feeling. So, the child will be difficult to associate with new friends because he/she is shy. Parents won’t their child have not friend, only sits in front of computer, and plays with internet. So, if we have friend like that, perhaps, we can invite he/she to go from house and introduce him/her to the other friends. After he/she feels comfort, he/she will forget with internet.

6.       The sixth case can be said the terrible case because it causes violence. We must know that violence is bad thing, and it can increase our sins. For parent, they must pay attention their children every time, because especially for children, they can imitate the violence.

7.       From the seventh case, it is right if there must special internet access, in order to don not disturb the studying time. So the child is more concentration to study and his/her achievement in the school does not decrease but it will increase.

8.       The eighth case, as human, we are free to spend out our opinion and our expression, but we also need regulation in order to our freedom does not damage the other person and our selves. So another person will feel comfort with us.

9.       The ninth case, the limitation of internet access is needed, in order to our eyes and our body are not tired. Perhaps, every an hours, we can take a rest, our body become fresh and our computer is not hot, so our body is healthy and the computer is too.

10.     The tenth case, internet is not everything. We must not be shy if we do not access internet any time. Because there are many useful activity besides internet accessing and do not spend much money. We can make busy day, in order to we do not interest with internet.

11.      From the eleventh case, especially for woman, you must arrange our expenditure and study to live economically.

12.     The last case, the prevention likes the ninth case. We must take a rest after we work with internet or computer. So it can decrease the radiation to our eyes.

We can start the prevention from our self. Certainly, faith and piety can avoid us in order that we do not try the negative matters. Besides that, we can distinguish the benefit and the effect of internet. We must have the limitation of internet access, so we have time to do the other activity. It is difficult to do that if we have loved internet, but with the strong intention, we can repair the condition.

If this method is successful, the nation level will increase because our nation can use internet well, and get a lot of useful matter from internet for human resource improvement. Besides that, it is also useful for each user as provision in the future.

Do not forget for the parents, they also can do the prevention to their children, like :

  1. Parent role as partner is needed. You must have opinion that negative sites (pornography / violence) is forbidden matter, so computer application must open and the parents can see.
  2. Take computer in the living room, so child activity when access internet can be supervised. (it is better if the computer do not be took in the child’s bedroom).
  3. Determine online time together. Parents and children sit in front of computer, and discuss about the information from Internet.
  4. The limitation of browsing time. Child must be discipline to obey the time boundary for using internet. Avoid your child sit in front of computer until late at night.
  5. Tell the positive and negative side to the children clearly. Explain, internet is practice and unlimited information media.
  6. Give the practice tips to avoid the sides that want to take benefit from internet user. For example, doesn’t give individual data, doesn’t give telephone number and address, and doesn’t give photo to anyone.
  7. Use the local internet protection software. This step is easy and efficient step to avoid the child from internet negative influence. This protection service will filter all of information or picture from your child’s computer screen.
  8. If the child shows strange behaviour, discuss with her/him. Investigate, the reason is internet or not.
  9. Explain to your child that besides we access internet every time, we must have socialization with our environment.
  10. If your child is enjoyed internet or games, discuss with specialist. They know how to make your child’s life is not always in front of computer.

Not only we that must do the negative effect prevention, but the government must do too, so that their people do not fall in bad or negative information. One of method that can be done is give information about Internet to society, and explain all of negative and positive effect.  With the conviction and the determination that are strong to make the people prosperous, possibly the efforts can be successful appropriate like that is hoped for. The government must close the pornosites because Indonesia occupies the sixth level in the world in accessing the pornosites. And Indonesia is in the second level after Ukraina in the internet abusing.

Internet gives positive effect and also negative effect for us. With our ability to select, use the internet well and find the positive effect. And also with the other information and communication technology, for example:  television, hand phone, satellite, and the other communication product. We are young generation of our country. We must be ready with the technology development, but we also must use it well.

Finally, we may use internet, because the internet has many benefits but we do not forget because the internet also has bad effects if we can not use the internet service well. Get the benefits and your life becomes better.


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